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from Michelle

As an award-winning matchmaker and owner of a traditional matchmaking company, DC Matchmaking, I've been successfully matching couples for over a decade.  When I chat with my clients, they often tell me how hard it is to meet friends in DC. This is a fast-paced, transient, work-focused town, and making friends here is tough. So some of my clients asked if I would introduce them to new friends in addition to matching them romantically.


I have a real knack for introducing the right people to one another, so I gave it a shot. I started introducing my clients to new friends, and the results have been amazing! My "friend matchmaking" success rate is nearly 100%, and I've had the pleasure of watching great friendships blossom and grow. Matching compatible friends is super satisfying! I had no idea it would be so fun.


In fact, I liked matching friends so much, I started thinking a lot about starting a platonic matchmaking company. But I couldn't do it because I was busy running DC Matchmaking. That's where my awesome husband Rob comes in.


Rob was working as a manager of an IT team at a large national agency and was ready for a career change. I shared my idea with Rob and asked if he wanted to help make my dream of a platonic matchmaking company a reality, and he immediately said, "Hell yeah, let's do it"! I love that man! So now we're a husband and wife matchmaking team! Rob and I will be running BFF Matchmaking together. 


As far as we know, we're the very first platonic matchmaking company in the world! We're excited to bring quality people together to create lasting connections and build community here in the Washington, DC area.  


Because BFF Matchmaking is a personal offline matchmaking company, there's nothing for you to swipe or text and no online profiles for you to read. Instead, we'll get to know you personally. We'll learn what kind of friends you want to meet, and then we'll select your new friends from our database. We'll interview each potential friend face-to-face, vetting and selecting the perfect friends for you!


We're excited to help you build wonderful, satisfying lifelong friendships because we believe relationships are what matter most.



Michelle Jacoby


from Rob

Back in 2011, when I moved 30 miles from Ashburn to Bethesda to live with Michelle, I might as well have moved to Iowa. One minute I had a whole neighborhood of friends to hang out with after work and on the weekends, and then all of a sudden, they disappeared. I tried to stay connected, but it was definitely out of sight out of mind for them (I guess it's a Maryland - Virginia thing). I was newly married and living in a new area. Staying in touch with my old friends was really tough and making new ones was difficult too. 


I've lived in Bethesda for a few years now, and I've finally made some good friends. But I remember how hard it was when I first moved. And to be honest, I'm still working on building a group of guy friends. I think it's even harder for men to make friends than it is for women. If there had been a platonic matchmaking company back then, I definitely would have signed up.


Michelle is a connector. I've watched her introduce her friends to one another, and I've also watched her introduce her clients to new friends. In fact, some of her clients have even become our friends, and I've really enjoyed getting to know them. So when she asked if I wanted to start a platonic matchmaking company with her, it was a no brainer. I know from personal experience how hard it is to meet new people. And I know how awesome it is to have guys to hang out with in my mancave drinking beer and watching a game! 


So we started this company to help you connect with the kind of friends you want to meet. I hope I'll have the opportunity to introduce you to some really nice people.



Rob Slattery







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